Cher Teases Another ABBA Album? We Say Yes, But Think She Should Add This …

Nope, I wasn't a fan of hearing Cher singing ABBA's greatest hits.  That was what I positioned my brain to feel, even before I heard one vocal from the iconic singer/actress/wonder. It's just a ploy to advertise for the newest Mamma Mia movie, right?

I have since then listened to a handful of her covers of the phenomenal hits I've loved for years. Okay, I admit, they are pretty good!  Cher puts her own twist (of the tongue) oh these hits and does make them her own. It's a case of some of the best songs ever being reborn by a woman who has given a rebirth to her career many times over. What else were we expecting.  Of course it's going to be great.

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So … now this brings us to one of Cher's newest tweets. Is she hinting at a second ABBA album?



I think we'd be all for it, right?  ABBA is like Cher and it will never get old. Like horseshoe crabs, cockroaches, sharks, and alligators, the two singing greats will be around for ever and ever, Amen. They both have had major rebirths.  Cher is on her 8th farewell tour and ABBA gets a jolt of life every time a movie uses it's iconic songs.  "Muriel's Wedding" was one of those jolts and probably when I really fell re-in-love with ABBA.  The 1994 campy hit was heavy in nostalgic songs like Waterloo, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, and Dancing Queen.

So what is the response to Cher's mention of a possible second ABBA album? This tweet sums up most of the votes with mentioning 'Lay All Your Love On Me' and 'Knowing Me, Knowing You.'



So should Cher do a second go at the ABBA catalog of hits? We do think if she is going to do a #2, why not add something to this one, another voice and make it a duet album.  My first thought when I heard that Cher was putting her own spin on the Scandinavian hits was that there were usually at least two voices in the songs.  We know she can auto-tune like no other and could record her voice and play it back and sing with herself.

But what about joining forces with one or many different voices on her second Abba bundle.

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ABBA screams for two harmonious voices.  Think about it, Cher. We'd love to hear more, but more voices may make Part 2 awesome.

We thank Cher for giving us another ABBA injection, but we must not forget the second Australian release in 1994 that brought us to the brink of an ABBA overload, "The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert."  Take a little break, Cher.  Plan the duets, and release it for the beginning of summer with a kick ass remix of something that will keep us on a high for the rest of the year.








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