Chris Cuomo & 9 Other Smoking Hot Newsman We Loved in 2020

Credit: Chris Cuomo Instagram

2020 was like no other. COVID and the election basically took over our lives as we left the television on all day long to see the ongoing news related to both. 

Something that alleviated our troubles were the hot men that delivered vital information on a daily basis. They became a delicious distraction from all the troubles going on with the world with their chiseled faces, toned bodies and sexy gazes which we totally ate up.

To honor these studs we have compiled a list of 10 who gave us a reason to tune in during the madness that was this year. Kick back, relax and enjoy this gorgeous grouping you are about to witness.

Boris Sanchez

Steve Kornacki

Anderson Cooper

Don Lemon

Chris Cuomo

Van Jones

Jim Acosta

Willie Geist

Ari Melber

David Muir

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