Chris Evans Gets Our Attention Again!

On Saturday September 12 actor Chris Evans broke the internet with a leaked photo of a penis that appeared on his Instagram stories after a friendly game of “Heads Up” ended and revealed his camera roll. The unidentified D was the appendage seen ‘round the world and it left gay Twitter–well, ALL of Twitter–conflicted. Some wanted to see more and know more and others called for Evans’ privacy.

Chris Evans Instagram

While many saw the wang snafu through a humorous lens, others came to Evans’ defense in hope of deflecting from the girthy beast unleashed by Captain America.



But after not addressing the social media nightmare that was Dickgate 2020, Evans tweeted today for the first time and he certainly wants to get everyone’s attention–but in a new way.

Knowing that he is under a microscope, Chris Evans tweeted today to remind everyone to use their powers for good in the upcoming election.

Yes, Chris, we will always listen to anything you say forever more!

Turning the PR catastrophe into a positive, Twitter has been flooded with praise and showing up to show they support Chris Evans’ message.


Chris Evans, you’ve given us an all American salute already–now it’s our turn.


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