Chris Evans Wants To Know How Big Paul Rudd Is — Watch

Credit: YouTube

What the hell is going on lately with straight male celebrities talking about each other’s junk? Not that we are complaining or anything but its a growing trend worth taking a look into (cue magnifying glass emoji). 

Chris Evans and Paul Rudd, arguably two of the sexiest stars in the world right now, spoke about said topic during an Actors on Actors conversation with Variety on Friday, June 25. 


Chris was the one to actually start the d**k related conversation when he asked Paul if a 3rd Ant Man film will be taking place.

Paul didn’t want to answer the question so Chris, who is famous for playing many characters including Captain America, expertly switched gears and moved right into talking about c**k.


“You’re right,” responds Evans, “I might as well ask what your paychecks are. Paul, what’s your penis size?”

Rudd giggled before saying, “It’s even bigger than my paychecks”. We’d like to see the evidence please.

Tom Brady said nothing but nice things about his former New England Patriots teammate Rob Gronkowski’s peen in an interview with Howard Stern earlier this year. Gronk later revealed how pleased he was with Tom’s said words while chatting with Andy Cohen.

Ahhhh straight guys. 🙂

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