Chris Meloni Claps Back After Reports Of “His Inflated Ego” Circulate

As if we couldn’t love Chris Meloni any more than we already do, it seems the Law and Order: Organized Crime star is having fun poking fun at himself and his newly appointed Zaddy status. Following an OK! magazine article titled Christopher Meloni’s New Hunk Status Is Inflating His Ego that claimed the 60-year-old actor has changed since becoming the reigning Daddy of the internet. One example cited is how his workout regimen has become quite intense and public,


“Now he’s got a whole gym on set, and anytime there’s a break in shooting, he begins working out. When he starts doing splits and clapping pushups, people can’t help but roll their eyes.” – unnamed source

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Looks like Meloni saw the article and decided to live up to his reputation. The Pose actor hilariously acted out everything OK! accused him of doing. In an Instagram post uploaded to his account on Thursday, May 5th the Happy star showed off his flexibility doing splits – in front of the Law and Order: Organized Crime crew. When told they were ready for him on set, Meloni responded that he “still has 100 push-ups to do.” The crew jokingly shouts out “superego,” and “big ego” as they roll their eyes and walk away. #hysterical




The post has already been liked a whopping 700,000 times! [I probably count for at least 20 of those lol.] Cinemablend reported in March that Meloni and Dylan McDermott enjoy having fun on the set of the serious drama. Wesam Keesh who co-stars on this show discussed the atmosphere on set,

“The whole cast and crew are amazing as well. It’s actually been pretty amazing. I’ve gotten to work with Dylan and Chris. And I love just watching them because you get to, as a younger actor, just learn so much from their process, watching their acting choices. And so it’s been such a great learning experience as well, on top of it being super fun.”





Meloni can do splits for us anytime he wants, inflated ego or not!Β 

Sources: OK!, Cinemablend

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