Chris Olsen And Chlamydia Apparently Have Quite The History

Transparency is one thing. But are we as a society over sharing? Yes, there are certainly sexually transmitted diseases that need to be de-stigmatized, but is Chlamydia one of them? Popular TikTok’r Chris Olsen, seems to think so!


Olsen, who has nearly 10 million followers on the popular app (and nearly 1 million on Instagram), shared a video revealing that he’s contracted chlamydia three times. He’s using this moment to urge people to “end the stigma!” Also to share more unwarranted information about his dating life. The video has garnered 9 million views and 1.6 million likes. Take a look.

After giving us the questionable play by play details about this recent visit to get tested (and I say questionable because I don’t trust anything on the internet, majority of the content is performative in a tiring pursuit for attention and likes), Olsen did say that he got the call that his results were negative. So that’s a positive.



Chlamydia rates in the United States have been increasing annually since 2008 (with the exception of 2013 and 2020, which saw a slight decline). So, no one is using condoms anymore?

What do you think of Chris Olsen’s confession? And should we be paying more attention to this chlamydia stigma? Or is he just another influencer with fake outrage? Let us know in the comments.

*All images sourced from Chris Olsen’s Instagram account*

2 thoughts on “Chris Olsen And Chlamydia Apparently Have Quite The History”

  1. Who is Chris Olsen? And three bouts with chlamydia?! Methinks he’s not connecting the dots. But kudos for at least getting tested and doing what he had to do to get better. Each. Time.


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