Christina Aguilera Prepares To Drop Brand New Material For Fall

The cooler autumn months always mean a brand new crop of music, and this season it seems we are getting fresh material from an artist who has kept us on dance floors from the moment she emerged with the infectious pop single ‘Genie In A Bottle’ in 1999. Christina Aguilera has revealed that she has both music videos and singles being poised for release very soon. 


During an interview with 97.9 WRMF, the pop princess revealed exclusively that she has shot two videos for her brand-new Spanish language project. The music is poised to drop this fall, with Aguilera releasing the material in a very unique way. The music will be released throughout the year in six individual packages of tracks.

During the interview with WRMP, Aguilera said “There was so much material that we’re going to be releasing it throughout next year, in sort of six-song increments every few months. I’m really excited about releasing this music in a different way. [The new songs and videos tell] whole story and take you on this incredible journey…[it’s] my labor of love for a part of me and a part of my culture that’s so important, that isn’t always brought out in my English music.”


While we wait for Aguilera’s brand new music to drop, we can indulge ourselves in a new new song that Aguilera contributed to a truly haunting project. The Addams Family 2 was just released on October 1st, and Aguilera contributed her own version of the classic Addams Family theme song (complete with the all too familiar “snap snap” intro”). Aguilera’s voice is instantly recognizable on the track, adding a fresh perspective to a classically spooky pop culture classic. This follows Aguilera’s musical work on the original reboot of The Addams Family in 1999 where she released the soaring and foreboding single ‘Haunted Heart‘. 


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