Christina Aguilera Surprises Superfan Farrah Moan on ‘Untucked’!

Who doesn't love a good surprise every once in a while, especially when the one surprising you is one of your biggest personal icons?


Christina Aguilera, who was the guest judge on the season 10 premiere of RuPaul's Drag Race, gave season 9 fan favorite Farrah Moan the shock of her life when she surprised her backstage.

Farrah was flown in by producers last summer when the show was taping, but had no idea as to why she was actually there.  When she walked into the Untucked set, she quickly made a note on how much better it looked compared to her original season.  Then, the emotional moment happened.

"Hi Farrah, I'm Christina, nice to meet you!"  Without missing a beat, Farrah started tearing up similarly to when Eureka O'Hara was sent home over her & Cynthia Lee Fontaine, except this time we were getting choked up with her as opposed to laughing about the comedy of that situation.

"I can't believe I'm sitting with you" Farrah exclaimed.  She then told Christina just how much she meant to her, as she revealed that the first song she ever did drag to was "Genie in a Bottle" and how her friends say the two look so much alike.


Christina knew who Farrah was before this set up even happened, as she mentioned Farrah's Met Ball look from DragCon in 2017, which people thought was Christina herself.  They also got to talking about their life and upbringings and it just gets so much more emotional from there.

Nice work, Xtina.  Check out the clip below:



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