Christopher Meloni Always Gives It Up

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Meloni And His Melons Are Cemented As Adonis Status In His New Men’s Health Drool Fest

Okay, by now we all know Law & Order: Special Victims Unit powerhouse, Christopher Meloni, is genuinely one of the hottest men on the planet. He recently returned to primetime television again with not just appearances in SVU, but his latest hit NBC series, Law & Order: Organized Crime, which continues Meloni’s decades-long story as jaded, Catholic detective Elliot Stabler. Meloni isn’t only known to fans for his complex Law & Order character, we loved him in the buff as a sociopath in the prison drama, Oz, fantasized about his suave portrayals in both Pose and True Blood, and have watched him blossom on social media with his dad-friendly persona and how much he acknowledges that his butt may be more famous than he is. He popped on over to give some exclusive glute building tips to Men’s Health and did a whole photoshoot while he was there. Did we learn anything new about him? Perhaps not, but damn if we don’t mind checking him out every chance we can get!


According to Men’s Health, Meloni gets cheeky about his return as Detective Stabler and of course, his glorious behind, which he claims is ‘having a cultural moment’. In his interview, he concedes that his character, a 50s Caucasian police officer, is going to have to handle being a cop in a new era: How much of a man he can be, and how woke is he? Fans of the longtime show already understand Meloni’s character has a temper, but has proven to be an ally to all marginalized groups – it’s been a running theme within the latest SVU season. Meloni describes trauma from his childhood, he stems from a quiet, religious household and he didn’t understand or appreciate Catholicism. So, he left and pursued acting, not too much success – he still doesn’t consider himself a Hollywood suck-up. Eventually, he’d land a role as a long-running antagonist in HBO’s Oz, and we’d get our first glimpse of his perfect behind in nude scenes. A year later, he was running lead in  SVU opposite Mariska Hargitay.

Meloni knows his fans and what we want, so he talks about his best asset. Shockingly, he’s always had naturally big cakes, but has recently exaggerated them with some glute exercises. But, he does want everyone to know: “I catch flies with my ass cheeks, like a Venus flytrap. I’m clever with my ass cheeks!”

Alright, we can all suspect you came here for Meloni’s glute workout video. To…to learn it frame by frame to do it yourself, right? Well, don’t forget to check out to see just how he keeps ripping pants below and his full Men’s Health interview here:

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  2. I would literally eat this man’s ass out for days!!! #1 hottest ass alive!!! This is what a real man should look like and act like, not like these bitchy porn queens.


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