‘Clearly Bears In Crop Tops Are The Moment!’

Pennsylvania state Rep. Brian Sims
Pennsylvania state Rep. Brian Sims (image via Instagram)

Out Pennsylvania state Rep. Brian Sims recently reversed his opinion about pets in clothes when he posted a pic on Instagram of his adorbs doggo Temper wearing a crop-top t-shirt from his campaign store.

“I WAS WRONG: I recently expressed misgivings about pets in clothes, and I was wrong,” admitted bearded Brian. “Clearly Bears in crop tops are the Moment!”

He added the hashtag #Sims4Pa along with a link to his campaign website as the 42-year-old lawmaker is running for Lieutenant Governor of the Keystone state.

To be honest, we think both are pretty cute.

Instinct has been a fan of Sims for a long time because, basically, what’s not to like?

He became the first out lawmaker elected to the Pennsylvania House of Representatives in 2012, and he’s been loud and proud about LGBTQ issues as well as the BLM movement and women’s equality.

Plus, he’s not shy about expressing himself whether it’s regarding coronavirus recklessness by his colleagues, flipping the bird at former Vice President Mike Pence, or boldly discussing his use of Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP).

Head over to his official campaign site for more info about Sims. And while you’re there check out his campaign merch where you can find Bear’s pink & white crop top and more. 

And then there’s Temper, who’s a regular feature (hashtag #BearAttack) on his Instagram. Here’s just a sample of the furry goodness.


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