‘Club Kid Killer’ Michael Alig Admits to Being Homeless

Former Club Kid ringleader and founder Michael Alig's life post-prison hasn't exactly been easy for him.

The 52-year-old, who spent seventeen years in jail for murdering fellow Club Kid Andre "Angel" Melendez in a confrontation over a delinquent drug debt, just revealed that he's homeless after experiencing a major fallout with the owners of an art factory in Patterson, New Jersey. He was working as an artist and presumably living there.

Michael spoke about his ordeal on an episode of Ernie Glam's web series Peeew!, where's he's discussed the usage of hotels as his temporary home of sorts. 

“I was first staying in hotels. … But that adds up and it was eating up all my money. Because they gave me some money to leave the first building," he said. "So I had some money saved, but when that ran out, I was hustling all day long trying to raise $150 to pay for the hotel and then by the time I’d raised that money it was time to raise another $150. So all my time was spent trying to survive and living in hotels. Eventually, that money ran out and I couldn’t really deal with the stress it was causing.”

Turns out he was able to use the popular gay hookup app Grindr for more than just that. 

“So I started going on Grindr hookups just to have someplace to sleep,” he continued. “You know it’s funny, when you go on a Grindr hookup and you want to leave, they want you to stay and when you want to stay, they want you to leave. So I had to pretend that I wanted to leave and they’d go, ‘No, stay, stay!’ Which it worked, by the way. So I did that, going back and forth between that and people’s couches.”

Both the hotels and Grindr eventually dried up for him, which resorted in a night that he spent on the streets of NYC. 

“My legs were tired and I just wanted a place to sit down away from the maddening crowds, so I took a look down this ramp, on the highway, there was like a construction site down there and I just walked along until I saw a place where I could sit down,” Alig explained. “And I must’ve passed out because I woke up the next afternoon at 3 o’clock, it was like a completely different scene of jackhammers and people walking around, and I woke up and was like, ‘Oh my God, I’m living under a bridge.’”

An exact timeline for when he was homeless was never given. 

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