clubQ Survivors Speak, 1 Shot 7 Times, Other Subdued The Shooter

Have you been going through the coverage of the clubQ attack in Colorado Springs? It’s not fun going through this again and again. The anxiety of thinking about Pulse, Orlando comes back to the surface and is mixed with these new personal accounts. Our community is grieving once again and we individually are grieving, too. 


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We still do not know why the attack occurred. We are quick, and in most cases right, to blame Boebert and the sea of anti-LGBT rhetoric, blame the shooter’s grandfather, blame his mother for not getting him help, blame Colorado for not taking his guns away after he threatened to kill and bomb his mother, blame his mental health, call him a homophobe and charge him with a hate crime before even knowing why he did it. Was he gay/bi/questioning and troubled himself like the Pulse Orlando shooter?

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All will come to the surface soon and more fingers will be pointing in the same old directions and maybe some new ones, and new laws will be thought about that are yes, needed, even though there are several on the books that are not enforced and can lessen a great deal of these atrocities.


And then the nation will move on to the next shooting. It’s ‘Merika.

Two of the videos that are hitting hard with me currently are of CNN interviews. I’m not going to lead into them too much, as they speak for themselves.

Richard Fierro, the Army veteran who helped disarm the suspect in the Club Q shooting that killed 5 people and injured 25 others, speaks to CNN’s John Berman about the experience that took the life of his daughter’s boyfriend.


Barrett Hudson was shot seven times by a gunman at Club Q, an LGBTQ nightclub in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He tells CNN’s John Berman about his harrowing experience.


I’m no fan of making people cry, but this is our reality.  This is these two men’s reality, Colorado Springs reality, our community’s reality. Reality is not always pleasant, but we must move on, live in it, and I think these stories of bravery and survival help.

Sources:  CNN

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  1. Love to all my gay brothers around the world who have to suffer whether from hatred, homophobia, anti-gay attitudes etc. I pray for healing from the trauma.


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