Collin Martin Shows Support For Mayor Pete

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The Only Gay MLS Star Comes Out Again… To Support Democratic Candidate Mayor Pete

Ahh, we’re almost there! Soon you and every other American will be voting for the next President of the United States of America. Whether you’ll be sporting blue, sticking with red or representing a third party voter, the country is going to once again plunge through political crossfires. With talk of impeachment, political correctness, and culture wars… this isn’t going to be pretty and a lot of knees are going to be scrapped. Those in the Democratic party will get to join in on the fun as they vote in the primary for a candidate to go head-to-head against Donald Trump. It turns out the only openly gay Major League Soccer (MLS) Star is voicing his opinion for perhaps the most colorful candidate.

According to Buzzfeed, Minnesota United’s midfielder, Collin Martin, is sliding into the political pool with his support for Mayor Pete Buttigieg. Martin, 24, a Maryland native, claims to have been following Mayor Pete for months and is enamored by his campaign. Martin took to Instagram to say more kind words about Mayor Pete, who is a fellow gay man of faith and wrote his college thesis on the Battle of Vicksburg says:

“I’ve always been a man of faith but growing up as a closeted gay man in the Episcopal Church it was tough to imagine a world where I belonged, let alone a world where I could live my truth. Pete’s proven that he’s got the experience and ability to communicate his message of unity and inclusion in even the most difficult of spaces. Now more than ever, we need a president who will protect and defend LGBTQ rights as if they were his own. Pete represents a new generation of leadership that our country deserves. I’m so proud to back Pete’s historic campaign and to see an openly gay man of faith welcomed on that 2020 debate stage for exactly who he is.”

Some may say celebrities should keep their mouths shut when it comes to politics. But… who the heck can say that in the land of the free?! I love when anyone in the public shows their political support. Martin agrees with me. He tells Buzzfeed:

“Whether it’s speaking on an issue or sticking up for a candidate on the national stage, I think we can all do something. And I think it’s a shame if we don’t use our platforms, because there’s a lot of people listening.”

While I may have agreed with Martin and was representing Mayor Pete previously, I’ve fully switched to Senator Elizabeth Warren and likely won’t change my mind (I’ve even unsubscribed today to Pete’s mass amount of hourly emails). But, only time will tell! I think it’s time we at Instinct Magazine gets a full interview with Martin… no?

Who are you backing to succeed in the Democratic Primary… if anyone at all?!

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