Colton Haynes Wouldn’t Say If The Tatts Were Real Or Not

Arrow star Colton Haynes shocked his Instagram followers yesterday when he shared a new photo of himself with what appeared to be a full-body tattoo.

The pic was accompanied with the caption, "I'm not gonna say if this is real or fake."

Take a look:



Im not gonna say if this is real or fake

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Now, Colton loves to tease and play with his fans, so this isn't out of character for 30-year-old actor and model.

Nearly half a million followers liked the post, but the fans comments ranged from incredulous to not buying it.

"Hopefully not. Small tattoos better"


"You look so good"

"Soooo unbelievably attractive"

"I hope that is fake. But you are in both ways beautiful"

"Real or not it looks awesome"

We're preeeeeetty sure the ink is just for play since the former Teen Wolf star has recently been seen without the tattoo and we all know it takes days to get this kind of extensive work done, and the handsome Mr. Haynes was seen over the weekend sans body tatts like this now infamous photobomb on the red carpet of the Much Music Video Awards with popstar Shawn Mendes and Olympic skier Gus Kenworthy:



And he's since posted a styling "pretty in pink" pic as well:



Live like a @champion

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So, we're gonna go with the flow here and enjoy the fun.

Doesn't everyone like to play dress-up in some way every now and then?



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But, for the record, Colton, we like you just as you are 🙂



Drink. Beach. Sleep. Repeat.

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(h/t Queerty)

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