Comedian Rob Anderson Parodies The Puerto Vallarta Gays: Watch

Credit: Rob Anderson Instagram

These past couple of days have been monumentally positive for many of us after Donald Trump left the White House and Joe Biden gleefully replacing him as POTUS (let’s not forget VP Kamala Harris being sworn in as well).

Let’s end this week on an even better note with TikTok star Rob Anderson who just posted a hilarious video of him mocking the Puerto Vallarta gays.


A quick update for those who are clueless as to what the above video is all about. Several gay men were exposed on the Instagram account GaysOverCovid in late 2020 for traveling to Puerto Vallarta during the global Coronavirus pandemic and partying in large groups with many seen without masks on.

The popular tourist spot wasn’t the only city where some were named and shamed. Men in Miami and Los Angeles were also heavily criticized after GOC shared photos and videos of them doing something similar to the ones in PV.


Rob, who boasts millions of followers online thanks to his good looks and funny clips, took the opportunity to poke fun at those mentioned above in a movie trailer-themed video that brought on the LOL’s from start to finish.

He takes on many roles as a group of gays who did travel to PV and the aftermath of what happened to them after GOC displayed their behavior online. “Based on a true story of like 3 weeks ago,” the vid began with a bunch of party-type clips on display in the background. 


“Oh my god, I just got a notification from ‘Gays Over Covid.’ They said: ‘We’re a bunch of privileged gay guys who have no regard for human life because we traveled to Mexico in a middle of a pandemic to f**k locals.”

Another version of him, this one shirtless, then said the following: “They’re so wrong. We would never f**k the locals.” Oooooh… the shade!

The drama intensifies as he says they’re tracking everything from their Venmo history to Grindr profiles. It ends with a twist that is so funny to the point where this could actually be made into a movie that I’d watch.

Others have gotten in on the fun with the PV guys. “Trashy Comedian” Jimmy Fowlie pretended to be Sam Cushing after the YouTuber’s apology for traveling to Mexico during the pandemic was categorically slammed across social media. 

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