Sam Cushing is Slammed For ‘Empty’ Apology Over Puerto Vallarta Trip

Credit: YouTube video “My YouTube Plaque Arrived!!! Q&A | Sam Cushing”

Social media influencer Sam Cushing‘s attempt at trying to apologize after he was caught traveling to Mexico ahead of the New Year during the COVID-19 pandemic was categorically destroyed online. 

Sam was one of the many gay men exposed on the popular Instagram account GaysOverCovid, which constantly posts screen grabs, videos, and pics of gay men breaking Coronavirus restrictions in favor of attending parties both domestically and overseas. 


He, like many of the others who were exposed online, has made his social media private, which must have been a tough decision given that he has over 500,000 followers on his Instagram page alone.

Sam finally emerged back on social media with an apology that he shared on his Instagram stories on Wednesday.


“After much introspection, it feels too strange to move forward without acknowledging recent comments. To those who were upset – I hear you, I really do. I apologize, and take full accountability. I’ll continue to take matters seriously, and promote mitigation measures as I always have (ie sanitation, masks, testing).”

“Yes, I’ve felt the repercussions of my mistake and I’ll continue taking this time to reflect and learn,” he continued.

Sam, whose YouTube content is a mix of him working out shirtless, looking back on old photos, and making tacos with his bro, then denied being involved in any of the controversial parties that were shown all over social media. Instead, he claimed he was there to celebrate his friend’s birthday.

“To those jumping to conclusions, here are the facts – December being my first time flying since the virus, I was advised before going that any risk to others/me was minimal after testing positive for antibodies and negative twice for COVID (PCR).

Contrary to false narratives, I did not attend any large-scale ticketed events or bars (I was there to spend time for a close friend’s birthday). Regardless, I shouldn’t have gone.”


His apology concluded with the following: “To the many who have sent concerned messages – thanks for the love. I appreciate you.”

This didn’t sit well with most of the digital world who slammed him for even trying to explain why he was there in the first place. “Most empty statement ever,” one tweeted following his apology. “Please unfollow Sam Cushing. He serves no purpose.”


Others called him out for putting his apology on just an Instagram story which goes away after 24 hours. “Put. It. On. Your. Main. Feed. Sam Cushing. Not something that will disappear in a day.”


Sam turned the comments off on his most recent YouTube video that couldn’t have been more timely as it revolved around what he packs for a weekend adventure. 

His apology, meanwhile, has also been mocked in the days since. Comedian Jimmy Fowlie posted a parody of it on Thursday.




2 thoughts on “Sam Cushing is Slammed For ‘Empty’ Apology Over Puerto Vallarta Trip”

  1. I’m personally offended no articles were written about me regarding this subject. I took multiple trips not Only to Cabo San Lucas Mexico, but Brazil, Tanzania.
    And unlike Sam, I have zero apologies to offer. The travel restrictions were stupid, the lockdowns don’t work, and masks don’t work. Clearly!
    You know what does work? Your fucking immune system. Sam’s biggest mistake was apologizing for enjoying his basic human freedom, but in the end he caved and turned into a fucking sheep like the rest of you. So sad

    • Sorry readers for this comment got out of the trump-racist sheep bubble and onto our page. Basic human freedom for orange 45 followers means not caring about the well-being of others.

      Your biggest mistake was working on your ass and not your brain.


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