Could Big Brother Gain Its First Gay, African-American Winner?

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Derek Frazier’s Passive Gameplay Could Land Him To $750K On This Summer’s Historic Big Brother

One of reality television’s Big Three, aside from Survivor and The Amazing Race is the long lasting CBS series, Big Brother. If you’re an avid reality worshipper, you already know how controversial the show has become a hot topic in recent years over social media as toxic fandom, allegations of racism, and suspicious production interference has sky-rocketed. The current and twenty-third season of Big Brother has sparked more disputes as an alliance, The Cookout, which consists of only African-American contestants, formed to ensure the series would have its first African-American winner—and purposefully shield themselves with non-African-Americans participants to be voted off before them. It proved to be a genius plan, as The Cookout’s six contenders reached the final six. Two female houseguests were the first eliminated from the powerhouse alliance last week, thus stirring another debate about misogyny within African-American culture. As it stands, Big Brother 23 is down to its final four contestants: Attorney Xavier Prather, Account Executive Kyland Young, Sales Director Azah Awasum, and finally Derek Frazier, a flamboyant Safety Officer – who also happens to be the son of Smokin’ Joe Frazier, a boxer who was the first to defeat Muhammad Ali. While Prather has seemingly lined up for himself to be crowned the winner of the season with tact and manipulation, many online are speculating that Frazier could come out on top despite a lackluster performance, giving us not only Big Brother’s first African-American winner, but the first gay African-American winner. Be forewarned for up-to-date ‘spoilers’ (as the show airs in real-time on Live Feeds) and prime speculation ahead.


As we’ve learned over the last few days, Prather has not only won the second-to-last Head of Household competition, but also the coveted Power of Veto. He aims to take out Young, who is arguably his biggest competition, with the help of Frazier and Awasum. Prather, an Adonis in his own right, should likely win the last HoH competition on finale night where it’s likely he will cut the last female contestant, Awasum, in favor of going into the final two with Frazier, who has managed to slide throughout the entire game without winning a single competition and has only been nominated twice, with not even a small chance of being eliminated both times. If Prather’s plan comes to fruition, he’ll be sitting next to Frazier in the end and will likely win the game. However, when it comes to jury votes, some may be bitter of their defeat and cast the vote for Frazier, who on paper could potentially win due to his close relationships with fellow contestants and his recent surprising behavior which is only available to viewers, not those participating in the game. Frazier, believe it or not, currently stands in a good place to win the game – especially if he pulls out a last minute competition win and give a grand performance during jury questioning. His win would be a triumph and completely unexpected – a term Big Brother boasts on always being.


However, it’s not all rainbows and money bags ahead of Frazier. According to popular Big Brother fan website, Jokers Updates, he has proven to be the least favorite contestant nearly all season, but especially recently. It may be that he’s been pinned as delusional; believing that he’s been manipulating and playing a much different game than we’ve been watching in real-time. Frazier tells he is the house puppet master of the season, when fans have witnessed him being carried by other players as he blurts snarky comebacks or one-liners, flubs words like ‘I vote to evict’ during live eviction ceremonies, and frequently naps.


Fans on social media have been lighting Frazier up on their personal Twitter feeds, demanding that Frazier is due for a severe wakeup call once he exits the game – richer or poorer. Frazier has stated numerous times throughout the show’s summer run that his ultimate goal, winning aside, is to become an influencer – but it’s looking like he may not be able to live up to that lifestyle. Going on reality television for fame is so tired and played out already, but to announce these plans live on the internet certainly won’t work in his favor. Aspirations of influencing aside, Frazier has been mocked for cruel comments against female houseguests like The Cookout mastermind, Tiffany Mitchell, gaslighting Awasum by claiming Prather is romantically interested in her, gossiping about fan favorite Graduate Student, Hannah Chadda, and sexualizing Make-Up Artist and OnlyFans content creator, Whitney Williams. His friends currently running his Twitter had publicly apologized and asked for forgiveness on his behalf last week once the flames of the Frazier hate-train were fueling:

Big Brother 23’s season finale airs on September 29th and will be a historic win for the series regardless of who comes out on top. Will you be tuning in?

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