Could Getting COVID-19 Lead To Outing Closeted Gays?

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Are LGBTQ citizens at risk of being outed if they contract the coronavirus? That’s what some citizens in Japan are worrying over, according to the Japan Times. And maybe, they’re right to be cautious.

A survey by Marriage for All Japan looked into the public’s concerns over the coronavirus in relation to sexual orientation. It appears that many of the 180 respondents, openly gay or not, expressed concern over whether they or their partner will be able to receive important medical information that hospitals provide to family members. Then, some worried about outing their partners to hospital staff while trying to receive this information.


Another concern for LGBTQ citizens in Japan was the idea that parents might not receive compensation for time off as they take care of children at home.

Haru Ono, who is raising three children with her partner, spoke to the Japan Times about the issue. While the government is making compensation available for all citizens with kids, many LGBTQ parents don’t know that.

“There are many (LGBT) people who have given up on applying for it without knowing” it applies to them, too, said Ono, adding, “I want them to state that same-sex couples are also covered.”

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Us Too?


This brings up an interesting thought for those who don’t live within Japan. While LGBTQ acceptance is more common in countries like the U.S.A., LGBTQ people could experience awkward, unnecessary, or straight out hostile situations because of COVID-19.

First, you have the growing case of Christian-based health providers refusing services to LGBTQ people. The situation is getting so bad that the Trump Administration is trying to quietly allow healthcare providers and workers the right to refuse service based on “religious freedom.”

But for certain minority groups within the LGBTQ community, getting medical assistance and mutual aid is already hard. It’s because of this fact that Pose star Indya Moore is campaigning for queer people of color, and specifically black transwomen, in need of support.

The worries of citizens in a nation miles and miles away from us serve a reminder of the rights we have gained but also the fight we are still having. It seems LGBTQ people of all walks and nations can’t catch a break. As if living through a pandemic wasn’t enough, we also have to deal with complications because of our sexual orientation or gender identities.

The fight continues.

Source: Japan Times

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