Could We Be Seeing A “Thelma & Louise” Remake Starring Reba McEntire & Dolly Parton?

While we anxiously await Dolly Parton’s (hopefully) inevitable cameo on one of the last two seasons of Grace and Frankie, it looks like we may be seeing her paired up with another musical icon; if Reba McEntire has her way. 

During a recent chat with E! News, McEntire let her feelings be known about working with Parton on future project; including a reimagining of a classic “girl power” film.


“Touring with Dolly? Wouldn’t that be a hoot? Yah, I would consider that in a heartbeat. I love Dolly Parton,” Reba shared with E! News. “When I was doing the Reba TV show, Dolly spent the whole week with us on set. She was one of the guest stars and that’s the last time we really got to sit down and visit.”

When asked if she would consider a Thelma & Louise type movie, McEntire’s answer was simple- “Absolutely! Sure I would. Anywhere you can go in the world and you say Dolly—you don’t have to say Dolly Parton—everybody knows Dolly and everybody loves Dolly. Why wouldn’t you want to hang with her?” 

(Art Courtesy of CMT/Dolly Parton/Reba McEntire-Facebook)

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