CrossFit’s Noah Ohlsen Donates Winnings To The Trevor Project

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It turns out, Carl Nassib’s coming out has helped even more than we initially thought.

CrossFit athlete Noah Ohlsen has decided to donate half of his prize money from the West Coast Classic Semifinal tournament to the Trevor Project and Project Onyx. According to Boxrox, Ohlsen placed second at the competition’s Semifinals. And while he received $4,000 for coming in second, he’ll be giving $2,000 of that to the before-mentioned charities.

“Inspired by my dear friend Chandler Smith and in staying true to my word, I am going to donate half of my prize money,” he wrote in an Instagram post celebrating the second-place victory and donation.

Chandler Smith, who won the Semifinals, announced earlier this month that he would donate half of his potential prize. Though, Smith wasn’t the only inspiration for Ohlsen. Noah Ohlsen, who is dating a woman named Joann Leigh, stated that he was inspired by recently out NFL player Carl Nassib. Nassib came out Monday afternoon and became the first active openly gay NFL player. In his coming out post, on Instagram, Nassib shared that he was also donating $100,000 to The Trevor Project, a suicide prevention organization for LGBTQ people.

“After Carl Nassib’s inspiring announcement as the first active openly gay NFL player, and with it being pride month, I’d like to join him in supporting The Trevor Project,” Noah Ohlsen explained in his post.

But that’s not all, Ohlsen will also be giving some of his winnings to Project Onyx. Project Onyx is an organization dedicated to eliminating barriers in the health and fitness worlds for people of color. Founded by CrossFit legend Elijah Muhammad and Patrick Ford, the program was envisioned with the “sole focus [of] eliminating racial health disparities in the United States through educating our communities and promoting diversity and representation in the health and fitness professions.”

Thanks to Noah Ohlsen for donating to two noble organizations and causes.

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