Dahlia Sins Talks Her ‘Dramatic’ Exit From ‘RPDR’ – ‘I’m Not Too Happy’

Credit: Dahlia Sin Instagram

Being the first queen to go home on RuPaul’s Drag Race isn’t always a bad thing. Past contestants like Vanessa Vanjie Matteo and Shangela have been able to rise from the ashes and create long-lasting careers that have gone much further than some who placed higher than them in their respective seasons.

So Dahlia Sin, who was the first queen eliminated on season 12 of RuPaul’s Drag Race on Friday, March 13, shouldn’t feel too down as the sky appears to be the limit for the talented Los Angeles-based queen. She did, however, spill her feelings in an exclusive interview with Entertainment Weekly on Monday, March 16, about her dramatic exit after losing the lip sync for your life to New York City stunner Nicky Doll

“I wasn’t even thinking I was going home first,” she admitted. “I was gagged that I was even in the bottom, especially since I thought I did really well in the first episode. I know my acting isn’t the best, but my runway should’ve saved me. Crystal (Methd) was read for filth for her look and her performance…. I didn’t think there was something to live up to because I didn’t think I was going home, but I think my exit was iconic enough!”

She then talked about said exit, which went beyond what the girls usually do when they’re eliminated. “Basically, I’m not too happy with what they said about me being eliminated, so I was kind of dramatic with my exit…. I was going to scream as soon as RuPaul said it…. the very next thing was just black, I wasn’t even thinking about what I was doing. I didn’t even care!”

It’s interesting how Dahlia’s exit went down as it sort of sounded like what her drag mother, season 9 and All Stars 3 vet Aja, said at RuPaul’s DragCon Los Angeles back in 2018. “I always have a dream of being eliminated on Drag Race and then when they’re like, ‘You can sashay away’, being like, ‘Nope. Get security because I am not walking away.’ I really just want to do that. I think it would be hilarious.” 

She also didn’t have the friendliest things to say about judge Ross Mathews who read her to filth about her makeup during the episode. “I thought it was crazy because he told Jan and Rock (M. Sakura) that they should tone it down with their makeup…. I’m not trying to look like a clown, no shade, even though I love extreme drag, I do more of a female-presenting form drag.”

An all-new episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race premieres this Friday, March 20, on VH1. 

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