Daniel Franzese Wants Sex Scenes For Big Gay Men

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It’s time tv sexualized bigger gay men, according to Mean Girls actor Daniel Franzese.

We recently covered the fact that Franzese is living his life proudly and wonderfully as a bigger gay man. But, sadly, tv and media, in general, don’t celebrate men like him enough. And Franzese is saying that should change.

Talking to TMZ, Franzese said that, “There are a lot of shows on TV right now showing queer stuff, but they just don’t sexualize bigger gay men.” He also added that the lack of substantial roles for diverse body types has made it so “gay bigger people are invisible” in Hollywood.

Specifically, Franzese wants to see more sexy scenes with men of bigger bodies. He doesn’t just want bigger gay men on tv and movies but to see them normalized and sexualized like everyone else. Frasnzese then noted how tv producer and icon Ryan Murphy has spearheaded LGBTQ representation on tv shows like American Horror Story, Glee, Pose, and more, but has lacked in representing bigger bodies.

“He doesn’t have any sexualized bigger guys in any of his programming,” he said. “Nobody does right now. I’d be working if they did!”

In addition, he notes how unrealistic the character he has portrayed have been in their sex lives. Franzese notes how he’s “never had a problem finding anybody to hook up,” but the same can’t be said for all the characters he’s played.

“All my characters have to beg people,” he noted. “I don’t understand!”

Franzese ultimately noted that he’s found comfort and love with his body after struggling with it for years. And now, he wants Hollywood to respect and utilize bigger bodies like his.

Sources: TMZ

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