Woof! Daniel Franzese Can’t Stop Showing Off His Hot Body

Credit: Daniel Franzese Instagram

Daniel Franzese is repping it for the big boys in several Instagram photos that he has shared over the past month.

The Mean Girls star first spoke about his reasons for doing this after he posted a near-naked photo of himself on Wednesday, August 21.

“Is big boy summer still a thing?” he captioned. “There are countless smooth hard bodies on my insta feed and I’m not even following thots so I need to balance it out for the big hairy men I guess.”

“How can one be attracted to something you don’t ever see?” he continued. “Representing, being visible and smelling good too. (Instagram please steal this picture)”

Danny represents one of the millions of sexy men who are defying the muscular and twink standard that has been normalized in the gay community for decades. 

He went off about these issues in a separate Instagram snap posted on Friday, August 23. that included frustrations around how men of a certain size are viewed in the entertainment and fashion industry and more. 

“My followers can only name the shows This is Us and Stranger Things as the only two shows currently showing any male of size in a sexual manner. The CDC says the average size waist of a man in the US is 40. Yet most designers stop making clothes around a 38. The messages we are sending is that big is not welcome and ‘large bodies aren’t valid bodies’ are dead wrong. We are mind set to ideals that cis straight white men have created to appeal to cis straight white men in media. This is more then a thirst trap this is a protest.”

“I urge you if you have felt uncomfortable in your skin trying to live up to a standard only achieved through relentless training and more often fortunate genetics so take a break. If you don’t see yourself represented in media then be that representative. I challenge you to go to the end of your comfort zone and take one small step forward. Remove your shirt by the pool. Post a naked selfie and allow yourself to be comfortable in your own skin. Your belly deserves to see the sun. Nothing is more sexy than confidence and being self conscious is a vibe killer. You have one body and we all want to improve and work towards a healthy and fit lifestyle but love the body you have today that will take you on that journey. If we were cavemen trust me my big brutish body would bring all the boys to the cave. F*ck the media’s vision of me. I know the man that I am.”

Danny’s rant struck a chord with his followers. “Totally needed to hear this today,” one wrote. “Thank you so much for being such a advocate!” another chimed in.

Keep up the good work Danny by letting everyone know that guys like us not only matter but we belong just like everyone else does. 

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2 thoughts on “Woof! Daniel Franzese Can’t Stop Showing Off His Hot Body”

  1. Shame on both Instinct and Daniel. Not only is the thought of gay chubettes having sex just plain gross to nearly everyone, the real issue here is setting the right model for our gay youth. I am a gay business owner, who employs and promotes everything gay. I even give two of my “transitioning” employees their weekly hormone shots right in their asses as they strive to become female. My business gives everyone in the LGBTQ community a safe place to work and a safe place to visit. But to claim the world needs to see more obese gays having sex is just plain wrong. Not wrong from the gay side, but wrong from the obese side. Being gay, or feeling like the wrong sex trapped in your body, or just wanting the alter ego of a drag queen is not something any of us can just “turn off” and should be something we all celebrate and promote. And I do. But being obese? No. Not something anyone should be promoting: gay, straight, crazy, or otherwise. Being obese is most definitely a choice. And, yes, I understand the choice may not be an easy one… with parents and family who can promote poor eating habits to the point they become an addiction. But my point is this: we do NOT need ANY obese role models for our youth — gay or otherwise — to “celebrate” this as something with which to be OK. The health issues for obese people are alarming. And the cost to our economy — via health care costs — is staggering. The human body is not meant to EVER be obese. Look at all our mammal relatives. Do they have any obese members? Nope. Except maybe for domesticated dogs, who unfortunately are repeatedly overfed by their (usually fat) human owners. Bottom line… there is NO place for someone like Daniel to act as a role model for our gay youth by wanting to promote chubby sex scenes as the “norm.” Daniel needs to take control of his life, lose his weight to a healthy level… and then become the beacon of hope and success that we want all overweight gays to strive for — especially our gay youth. Being young and gay is hard enough — leading to so many senseless suicides. But being gay, young, and obese is a death sentence… whether from depression and suicide or plain and simply from health issues that will take their lives prematurely, including ultimately Daniel. I go out of my way to try to help ALL my employees who are struggling with alcohol, drugs, or eating disorders to get them back on the right track. Daniel wanting to celebrate chubby sex in mainstream media would be such a set back to my efforts. There is nothing to celebrate about being obese. There is everything to celebrate about being LGBTQ… bring it on! But bring it on in a healthy role model, not with someone whose belly button is bigger than my mouth. Oh yes, I know there are the rare chubby-chasers in the world who find that sexy. Just like with any other kink/fetish… all good. But for all the gay youth who are overweight because of depression, we need to help them find a route to better health and a better life… and not glamorize being obese as “OK.” It’s not. This article promoted by Instinct… and Daniel’s aspirations… are so disheartening to me.

    • Shame on us? Wowsers. It’s fine. We hear you hate overweight/obese/fat people and their fat dogs.

      “I go out of my way to try to help ALL my employees who are struggling with alcohol, drugs, or eating disorders to get them back on the right track.”

      I would hate to be one of your employees with a weight issue. Please show them this response for it is 100% shaming overweight people. Almost like they should stay inside and not be seen until they lose the weight. Your disgust with overweight people is itself disgusting.


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