Days After ‘Heartfelt’ Apology, Perez Posts Negative Britney News

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Last week Instinct writer Robert Dominic brought you the story of how vapid, self-absorbed, and possibly irredeemable human Perez Hilton had gone on Don Lemon Tonight to profess his heartfelt apology to Britney Spears.

The less-than-convincing apology was apparently Perez’s way of making amends for all the years — and there were many— that he used his massive social media platform to bully Britney with unfathomable taunts. When I say ‘unfathomable,’ I’m not speaking in superlatives. For example, take this hideous graphic design Perez shared without shame after the untimely death of actor Heath Ledger:


Seriously, it’s so vile. What kind of person does that? This is particularly egregious because by all accounts, it’s unanimous stated that Britney Spears is among the rare few on this earth who has barely ever said an unkind word about anyone.

With gossip blogs monetizing clicks and site visits, celebrity antics can generate a significant income for the celebrity columnists who cover them. Whereas most celebrity columnists take a more tempered approach, Perez was a ‘master of mean’ building an empire built on abusive cyberbullying and vitriol. For some reason, he set Britney Spears in his crosshairs and bashed her relentlessly, and during a time when she was known to be experiencing fragile mental health. That is the typical M.O. of a bully; picking on someone they perceive as weak and vulnerable. He wasn’t as boisterous though when he talked trash about Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas, calling her “fugly” and he got popped in the eye by her manager.


Needless to say from that point forward, he kept Fergie’s name out of his mouth. Now, look, I’m not saying I condone violence … but I understand.

Please watch this one, it’s a doozy!

A few years ago Perez’s empire of hate began to crumble and he found himself ostracized by the same Hollywood community that used to kiss his *ss for a mention on his blog. Many of them had enough of his abusive harassment of celebs and reportedly his alleged penchant for expecting freebies and VIP treatment everywhere he went, occasionally demanding an answer to the proverbial question of insecurity, “Do you know who I am?!”


I could go on, but let me bring it back to Britney Spears and Perez’s appearance on Don Lemon Tonight, where he apologized profusely for the past and how much harm he caused her. He didn’t miss the opportunity of course to make it all about himself, playing up his own victimhood due to all of the Spears fans out there dragging him on social media. And oh, so timely of course, his “apology” came on the heels of Britney’s heartbreaking pleas to the Los Angeles Courts to end her conservatorship, through which her father controls her 60 million dollar nest egg.

In that testimony, she made serious accusations against her father and his motives for controlling her finances. She alarmingly also revealed that her conservatorship is forcing her to keep an IUD contraceptive in her body to stop future pregnancies.

For those who know the history of Perez’s nastiness, his apologies were met with skepticism. Many pointed out that he had made lots of money off of Britney’s darkest times and mental breakdowns. He was quickly accused of now trying to capitalize on her again — this time as a concerned supporter and ally. Girl please.

Remember this little gem, from when Perez showed up at Britney’s video shoot location to harass her after the paparazzi snapped a pic of her showing she had on no underwear? And then he mocked her attempt at alcohol recovery?


Perez, took to Twitter to defend himself and declare his authentic remorse for his past and profess his Britney love. I, among many, gave him the side-eye, but I will admit I did give him the benefit of the doubt because, yes, people can change.

But then, last night Perez proved me wrong. He was up to his vulturous tactics again after a bizarre story broke about Britney allegedly passing off a video from a past Hawaii vacation as a current vacation video. The story is that she’s recycling old vacation footage as new in an attempt to show she’s doing alright, when she’s not. Fans speculate it’s a ploy from the Britney camp to show she was ok after her harrowing testimony to the courts.


As the story was breaking, Perez was among the very first to Tweet it out, sensationalizing and capitalizing on Britney’s fragility, once again. When I saw the tweet, it was clear that Don Lemon and the many detractors on Twitter who called Perez out for his questionable apology were correct.

This is Perez’s post from last night:


Once a bully, always a bully, and if Perez were really remorseful for his past treatment of Britney and genuine in his hope for her mental well-being and stability, he would have never tweeted that story. A truly remorseful person would have just left the story alone.

It reminds me of when Kathy Griffin shares how Cher invited her and Joan Rivers to her home and explained to them the delicate matter of her daughter transitioning to become Chaz, a transgender man, and she explained that any jokes about it would be hurtful and un-welcomed. And that is why Kathy and Joan never went after Chaz in their acts. It’s called genuine empathy and compassion.

In what may be the most overused Maya Angelou quote in modern times, it remains poignant, “When people show you who they are, the FIRST TIME, believe them!

Perez Hilton, nobody’s buying the apology tour. We see you and know exactly who you are … a mess.


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