DC Comics Is Asking If Fans Want A ‘Justice League Queer’

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Can LGBTQ+ DC fans and fans of LGBTQ+ media ban together to get a Justice League Queer?

DC Comics has recently announced a new tournament called a Round Robin. The company released a list of potential upcoming comic book series and has shared that the winner will be decided through a public vote, according to Bleeding Cool. Once a clear winner has been chosen, that series will be published by the end of 2021.


While no creative teams or names have been announced in attachment to any of the proposed series, the titles and brief descriptions are available. Some of the titles suggested include Green Lanterns: Underworld On Fire, Etta Candy: Holliday Hero, Inc., Lobo / Animal Man: Scorched Earth, Robins, Blue Beetle: Graduation Day, Nightrunner: Love in Paris, Superman & Lois: Ignition, Suicide Squad Seven, and Justice League Queer.

When it comes to this Justice League Queer idea, the description details, “Eight young queer heroes investigate a series of monstrous manifestations around the world and discover that something much more terrifying is coming.”


But who would be among this group of young, queer heroes? There hasn’t been any official word from D.C. Though, according to CBR, DC Publicist Clark Bull believes editor Michael McCalister may have hinted toward two characters. Namely, Aqualad and Dreamer. Bull shared artwork from McCalister that had the two queer superheroes yelling “Vote for JLQ!”

“I’ve done some sleuthing and can confirm that this artwork, shared by DC Editor @mikhalmc, is a legit #JLQ hint for #DCRoundRobin,” Bull tweeted. “Which means AQUALAD and DREAMER are on the roster!!”

So, how can you vote to support this potential Justice League Queer series? Votes are being counted over on DC Comics’ official Twitter account.


Right now, Justice League Queer is up against the Robins comic series, which would explore the relationship between Batman’s former sidekicks. As of this article’s publishing, Justice League Queer is behind 45% to 55%. But, the vote will continue until the end of April 5th. Then, the results of the tournament’s first round will be announced on April 8th. So if you want a queer Justice League, get to voting!

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3 thoughts on “DC Comics Is Asking If Fans Want A ‘Justice League Queer’”

  1. I’m happy to be a gay super hero, I look drop dead hot in lycra latex with accessories. Knighting g-string knee high boots matching knighting crop top mask long gloves and high stockings. But I am happy to play Batman Cap America Green lantern. all in †he revised editions.
    Why should girls get to wear hot outfits that leave nothing to the imagination its sexist and just another way mens sexuality is taboo its makes men passive and slaves to conformity its time for a gay super hero boys can fantasise about and look up to and worship ;)) a positive swole sexy confident gay super hero role models for our time.

  2. The question is how many people would buy the comicbook in a long run? This could be another Supergirl T V series with too much hype but not enough viewers. There will be those who will vote multiple times but will these voters actually buy the product? These progressive moves are associated with the dreaded woke mania which a lot of people are getting tired of. Wokeness have basically alienated many people. The idea of multiple psychological genders and forcing minors to switch to gender confusion have stirred conflict within society. Stirring the plot for inclusion by basically causing gender divisions is not helping a move forward but step backward. Society has never been too divided by introduction of multiple gender identities. Let us all stick with hetero, homo, or bi and move on.


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