Did “And Just Like That” Just Get A Second Season?

Like its original incarnation, the HBO Max “next chapter” of the iconic series Sex and the City titled And Just Like That, is true water-cooler television. While some viewers have had issues with what they are calling a sudden “woke-ness” in the show, others are finding the new characters fresh and the new storylines real to life, especially for the viewers that have literally, grown up with Carrie, Charlotte and Miranda. While there are still a handful of episodes to go during the inaugural season, fans have been anxiously awaiting word on a second season; and it looks like we are close to getting it. Page Six reports that the likelihood of And Just Like That returning for Season 2 is “high”, with an industry insider saying “They may feel that they want to prove a point that they can make a second season stronger and that it was valid to bring it back for fans.”


When asked if Season 2 was a go, (Casey Bloys, Chief Content Officer HBO/HBO Max) told Vulture “To tell you the truth, it would be a conversation, because I have no idea. They kind of came together to do this. They were all really busy and doing other things…we haven’t decided anything or done anything.” When asked if he would like to have another season, Bloys was equally cagey, but hopeful; “I’m going to leave it up to these guys to figure out what they want to do, but I’m very happy with what they’ve done. I will tell you, it’s kind of what you want in a show like this. It really does feel like you’re picking up with old friends and haven’t missed a beat.”

While the cast of And Just Like That is definitely robust, some of the brightest spots in the re-imagination of the HBO series are some of the newer cast members. That includes Sarita Choudhury, who portrays the smoldering and instantly popular Seema Patel. Introduced as a real estate agent, Seema’s no-nonsense perspective and ability to gel with the rest of the cast has quickly helped make her a fan favorite. Choudhury is also more than ready to step into Seema’s stilettos for another season.


She recently told EW ” Just the other day, I was thinking, ‘I wonder.’ Because there’s a point where they let you know if there is or not and we’re not at that point yet,” she explains. “I was thinking, ‘God, I hope there is,’ And also, I was thinking, you know when you bring in new characters and you just start establishing and everyone’s getting used to all of us having grown up, Carrie’s grown up. I feel like the second [season] would be able to just jump into who they really are as opposed to getting the audience used to seeing what they’re seeing. So I would love a second season, but I really don’t know.”

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