Did British TV Censor Schitt’s Creek’s Gay Content?

Noah Reid (left) and David Levy in the “Schitt’s Creek” Season 5 Trailer / Screenshot via YouTube

British fans of Canadian tv show Schitt’s Creek are noticing some strange censorship going on with their version of the show.

British tv network 4Music has been making some choice changes to the comedic drama, according to fans of the show. While the show, helmed by Dan Levy, has been applauded internationally for its LGBTQ representation and romance, someone over at 4Music wasn’t in agreement. As fans have pointed out, the channel edited out talk of gay sex while keeping talk of straight sex.


“4Music showed Schitt’s Creek with cut dialogue between David and Patrick,” Twitter user AshthenRuby pointed out. “‘…to sleep with me or whatever’ is just missing. But their kiss is there. And [episode’s] earlier talk of Moira sleeping with Roland remains. And Moira still says ‘fuck,’ so some curious censoring.”


Eventually, Dan Levy himself caught wind of the situation. He then tweeted out to 4Music asking for an explanation.


“Footage of the Jake/David kiss having been edited out. Aside from this censorship being highly disturbing and dangerous, it was a big laugh in the scene! This is very disheartening.”

Many fans then joined the conversation to point out how harmful this editing has been.



In response to these tweets, 4Music acknowledged the editing as “human error.”


But fans aren’t buying it.

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  1. It seems that 4Music is willing to lose Schitt’s Creek fans over this censorship issue? I don’t buy the “human error” excuse either?


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