Disney+ Released An Animated Short About Coming Out

Image via Disney+ and Walt Disney Studios

Out is out! And, we couldn’t be happier.

Yesterday, Disney+ and Pixar released the trailer for a new animated short film. The short film Out is the first in a series of new animated shorts to be created by Pixar and released on Disney+. What’s even more exciting about Out’s release is the fact that it then premiered earlier today AND that it’s about coming out.


Yes, the new short follows a man named Greg who is moving into a new home. While that’s stressful enough, Greg is contemplating whether or not this is the time to introduce his parents to his partner Manuel. This also means he would have to come out to them. In this moment of turmoil and confusion, Greg is supported by his dog.

You can check out the trailer down below.


Again, Disney+ released the animated short film in short succession of the trailer. The very next day, in fact! You can watch the short now on Disney+.

We also have to recognize the importance of this animated short. This is the first instance of an LGBTQ protagonist in Disney media. Though before Greg, there was a recent LGBTQ character in a Disney project. Specifically, out producer/writer/actress Lena Waithe voiced a side-character in the Pixar film Onward that turned out to be gay. As we reported earlier, Waithe’s character Officer Spector briefly mentions having a girlfriend in one scene of the Pixar film.

This also inspires some confidence in Disney+ and Disney after the Love, Victor situation. In February, it was announced that the sequel series to 2018’s Love, Simon, about a teenager who comes out to his high school, would stream on Hulu instead of Disney+. The reason for this shift was explained to be because of Love, Victor containing adult themes. Some LGBTQ people on social media believed this meant that Disney was viewing LGBTQ themes as too mature for its family-friendly Disney+. But with the sexually charged teaser for Love, Victor, that dropped last month, and the now released Out short film, those suspicions can be put to rest.

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