Do We Stan Charli XCX And Poppers?

Screenshot via Twitter

Charli XCX and poppers. Never thought we’d see those two words together.

Gay twitter and news sources are currently in a dizzy spell after pop singer Charli XCX was recorded holding a bottle of poppers, Rush, and yelling “Gay rights!” in a store. The video itself is only one second long and honestly, its both confusing… and weirdly empowering?


All jokes aside, the general randomness of the video is making it go viral online and on gay media sites. But thankfully, a writer named Bobby Caruso gave us a little insight into the situation.

Caruso later posted two pictures of himself and the singer in what appears to be a music store. The two took a photo together and Caruso shows that Charli XCX took the time to sign a bottle of poppers.


“This is iconic tbh” she replied after he posted the photos.

Wondering whether Charli XCX knew what she was holding or just made the video as a confused statement? Know that the singer is completely in on the joke.

“Imagine if I made XCX poppers,” she tweeted in May, according to Out. So perhaps, this was just a small publicity stunt before the singer goes out into her next business venture. Probably not, but we wouldn’t be surprised.

Sources: OUT Magazine

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