Do you travel with sex toys? Carry on or checked, you may need to explain.

Do you get worried when traveling through security with your adult pleasure toys?  The secret is … DON'T DO IT!  I have a hard enough time traveling with two laptops, an iPad and all the cables that go with them. I'm usually checking a bag as well so that's where the toys go. 


But if you're one of these travelers and all you bring along is the carry on and you feel you cannot go on vacation without battery operated stimulation, be careful.

Various sex toys, including a vibrator, were mistaken for a bomb, causing a partial closure at Berlin's Schönefeld Airport on Tuesday. Employees at the airport were conducting routine X-rays of luggage when they spotted "suspicious content in a luggage piece," according to the federal police in Berlin.
Oh crap, this was during a scanning of the checked bags.  I'm in trouble now.
But you would think that as one of the sex tourist capitals of the world, Berlin would have knowledgeable security checkers. Because someone operating the x-ray machine was unsure of what they were seeing, an alert was issued shortly before 11 a.m., which closed the airport's entire Terminal D as more security was called to gaze at the pleasure-filled package. 
Imagine if you were the owner of the bag.  He was called to the security desk to talk about what was in his luggage. Would youy just be honest and tell then what it was?  I mean, they're not going to say "ah okay" and let you go if you just say it's technical stuff,  and that's what he said.
Because technical stuff was not accepted, the bomb squad was called and after a full hour of involving way too many people, Terminal D of the Berlin Airport was reopened once it was determined that the technical items were sex toys.
Now don't go pranking your friends line this, or maybe we should.
When you plant a 12 inch dildo and lube in your sons carry on. Priceless. For usage and licensing please contact

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