Do You Want to Enter Jim Verraros’ Pyramid on May 10th?

Exclusive promo photo for Pyramid

Idol’s hottest hunk is back with the song of summer. 

Jim Verraros, a finalist from the inaugural season of American Idol, is continuing his climb to the top of the dance charts. Previous entries on his dance/club resume include “You Turn It On” (#21 USA) and “Take My Bow” (#5 UK).


His next single, “Pyramid,” is dropping on May 10th and it’s currently available for pre-save. “Pyramid” was written by Jayce Green, produced by Laev and sees a sexy promotional campaign by Blake Martin and Leo the Leo. 

“Where Take My Bow” saw Mr. Verraros (Daddy Verraros?) being thrilled to be your sexual fantasy, “Pyramid” looks to see him as everyone’s ultimate lay… a lay that can be shared by two or more people! Notice the underwear in the promo above and the fact that a pyramid has three sides.


A pyramid also has lots of different tunnels and that innuendo is not lost on me. 

Here’s hoping we get to see “Pyramid” and “Take My Bow” performed live one day because countries like South Korea and Greece have low birth rates and Jim taking his tunes to the stage would surely fix that problem. 


I also think it’s pretty cute that Verraros’ husband, Sean Michael Buck, is the bottom head in the single cover. 

For now, all of Jim’s previous material is available to stream on Spotify. This includes his “Take My Bow” remixes, 2011 album Do Not Disturb and 2005 album Rollercoaster. Enjoy all of his previous work before “Pyramid” drops on May 10th. 

Also check out all of his latest thirst traps because… yeah, you need to. Former Idol Hottie Jim Verraros Wants You to Sizzle • Instinct Magazine




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