Does HBO ‘HOT D’ Criston Cole Actor Have An Instagram?

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Who is Lord Criston Cole?

The second episode of House of the Dragon dropped last night. And while the political drama and war prospects are getting more intense, the sex factor hasn’t arrived yet. So far, we’ve seen Matt Smith’s Daemon Targaryen in a sex scene (including his butt) and hanging out at a sex house. But that was all in episode one. Episode two was much tamer (but seeing it was all about the king choosing a bride, we get taking sexuality out of the episode).


But, hold up. Who’s that dashing knight getting chosen by our bad bitch Princess Rhaenya? Criston Cole? Who’s he? And where can I follow him on Instagram?

Image via HBO

Criston Cole

In the mythos of the books by George R. R. Martin, Criston Cole is a knight from House Cole. The knight of Dornish descent is quickly recognized for his skills. He rises up the ranks and eventually has an impactful influence on the succession of the Iron Throne. BUT, we can’t tell you more without spoiling the plot of the original book.

What we CAN tell you is what his actor, Fabien Frankel, says to describe the character to Variety: “He’s the common-born soldier from Dorne, son of a steward in Blackhaven. We describe him as a solitary man, and one who doesn’t come from this world, this world of excess, and this world of greed and money. He’s principled, a soldier who fought in the Dornish marches.”


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Fabien Frankel

But who is this cutie Fabien Frankel? The actor is the son of late actor Mark Frankel (Fortune Hunter, Sisters) and actress, composer, and French advertising executive Caroline Besson. Frankel his started career by studying acting. He completed a one-year foundation course at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art before getting his Bachelor of Arts in Professional Acting at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art in 2017. From there, the bilingual actor, who speaks English and French, worked in stage productions before transitioning to film. Frankel has appeared in tv shows The Serpent and NYPD Blue, but he was also in the film Last Christmas starring Emilia Clarke and Henry Golding.

The Serpent cast: Fabien Frankel (Image: BBC)
Fabien Frankel portrayed the real Dominique Renalleau in The Serpent (Image: BBC)

But here’s the important information. What’s his Instagram account? Well, Fabien Frankel does have an account. But he doesn’t post on it much. He only has 10 posts! Even worse… there are no thirst traps. Fair, Frankel. But too bad.

Will we get to see more in a future episode of House of the Dragon? We’ll see in the coming weeks!

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