Don Lemon’s Accuser Blasts CNN

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Will Don Lemon Be The Next CNN Anchor To Fall Amid Sexual Misconduct Allegations?

The gossip heard around the world this weekend was the not-so-shocking decision from cable news station CNN firing Chris Cuomo after he tried to meddle in the narrative of the sexual misconduct accusations against his brother, Andrew Cuomo, the now-disgraced former Governor of New York. The recent firing has reignited the sexual misconduct allegation against Cuomo’s second-in-command, openly gay Anchorman, Don Lemon. Three years ago, Lemon was accused of a sexually charged assault by a New York bartender, Dustin Hice. Hice’s lawsuit against Lemon is expected to finally make it to court early next year, which is right around the corner, and has been propped up on a pedestal by more conservative networks including Megyn Kelly’s YouTube channel, where he spoke at length about the alleged assault and the mentally and emotionally draining aftermath.


According to Fox News, Hice is calling out CNN for protecting and standing by their misbehaving employees. Hice told that the network is “rife with predators and perverts. They’re a predator-protecting machine, they slander and smear victims with impunity.” Hice is looking forward to seeing Lemon testify under oath next year. Hice’s story hasn’t changed: At a New York bar in July 2018, Lemon allegedly put his hand down the front of Hice’s shorts, viciously grabbed his genitalia, and then basically made Hice smell his hand afterwards. Hice has allegedly turned down many settlement offers: He wants to see Lemon in court. Eerily similar to the now-factual Cuomo story, Hice tells that CNN has attempted to intimidate witnesses and doxed him by releasing confidential information. Hice now wonders if this situation would be different if he was a woman and this wasn’t a male-on-male misconduct allegation.


Lemon is engaged to Real Estate Broker, Tim Malone, and the two plan to have children once they tie the knot. Lemon’s attorney has cited all of the allegations against Lemon are baseless and this will be proven in court.

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  1. Sometimes I wonder if there is different standards in some ways in the gay community when it comes to sexual harassment ( not defending him ) just was thinking out loud.

  2. insert eye roll here. don lemon at a bar on private time has nothing to do with cnn. dustin was seriously mentally and emotionally scarred from a guy doing that? i smell a “15 minutes” in the spotlight creature.


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