Donald Trump Mocked After Embarrassment Of Pronouncing ‘Yosemite’ As ‘Yo – Semite’

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Donald Trump can claim he’s a genius all day. However, I usually just let his words and actions reveal a blatant contradiction to that assessment. Such was the case yesterday during a propaganda-laced speech that Trump gave moments after he signed the “Great American Outdoors Act.”

The “Great American Outdoors Act” is intended to legislate funding to allow the protection, preservation and restoration of national parks and monuments. This is a time when Donald Trump finds himself in a renewed confrontation with the Native American community who had long claimed that desecration and vandalism occurred with the carving of American presidents’ faces onto The Black Hills. Tho federal government claimed and then renamed The Black Hills as ‘Mt Rushmore.’

Mount Rushmore – National Park Service.Gov

Before becoming “Mt. Rushmore,” the Black Hills were one of the most sacred landmarks of Lakota Sioux. Sioux chiefs have lately suggested that the faces should be blown off with dynamite, so I can’t help but think that Trump has only expedited the “Great American Outdoors Act” to protect controversial landmarks (including Confederate statues) from facing a public reckoning.

Whatever the reason, Trump’s speech to introduce the act was another one of his abysmal dry reads that rang with the fervor of a first-grader learning to sound out words. However, the highlight of the speech was when the self-proclaimed ‘stable-genius,’ butchered the pronunciation of the word “Yosemite.”


As Rawstory points out

“During a speech on Tuesday at the White House following the signing of the “Great American Outdoors Act,” Trump twice pronounced Yosemite as “yo-Semite.”

Of course, the internet exploded in mockery, with many calling Trump an ‘idiot’ and expressing their embarrassment of having a sitting U.S. president who was unable to pronounce the name of one of our country’s most prominent national parks.


It is particularly humorous, as many pointed out because Trump has a habit of insulting people’s level of intelligence and claiming that he, himself possesses near-supernatural level of cerebral abilities. He also has countlessly mocked Joe Biden as “sleepy” and incompetent, but as one Twitter user remarked, “I bet Joe Biden can pronounce, “Yosemite.”

Twitter has having NONE of Trump’s mispronunciation, at all…


I can’t wait to hear the White House spin on this one. Maybe Kayleigh McEnemy will claim Trump recognized a Jewish friend in the audience and yelled, “Yo, Semite!” to greet him. That might seem far fetched, but let’s not forget this is the same guy who at one of his rallies pointed at at black guy in the crowd and said, “Look at my African American over there!”

Kayleigh McEnemy, I’m coming for your job girl, look out!

Read more about Trump’s full-on phonetic foolishness at RawStory


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