TBT To Those Times Donnie Wahlberg Kissed Two Hot Guys

Credit: Donnie Wahlberg Instagram

Donnie Wahlberg has pretty much been sp**k bank material for many of us dating back to his days in NKOTB over 30 years ago.

The Blue Bloods star has remained a sex symbol all this time later. He is in an elite crowd of A-list men over 50, like Christopher Meloni and Brad Pitt, who have kept their chiseled features and gorgeous faces in tact much to the happiness of their fan bases. 


The Dorchester, Massachusetts native has also managed to pull off some pretty memorable smooches over the years and we don’t mean the ones with his blonde bombshell wife Jenny McCarthy.

He’s not only embraced but somewhat promoted the idea of normalizing two men kissing in the past. Two great TBT clips prove that point below.


The first was when Donnie made a guest appearance on The View which must have taken place between 2013-2014 as it was the only season that Jenny was a co-host. Openly gay performer Mario Cantone introduced him for his particular segment which led to them locking lips for a couple of seconds to the delight and shock of the Sex and the City star. 


Andy Cohen got a little taste of what Jenny probably receives multiple times a day when the married couple were a guest on his talk show Watch What Happens Live in October 2017.

The three played Spin The Bottle which eventually led to Donnie planting one on Andy’s lips due to him refusing to answer a question about what was the most unattractive thing about her.

Thanks for the memories Donnie! 



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