Dr. Phil Did a “Thirst Tweets,” and We Need to Talk About It

Rapidly becoming one of our favorite internet staples, Buzzfeed’s “Thirst Tweets” has just released their latest and greatest: with none other than wildly popular TV personality Dr. Phillip C. McGraw


In this vid, Dr. Phil reads horny viewers’ racy tweets. It turns out, many are turned on by what they perceive to be above-average communication skills and empathy. 

Though his annual salary is just shy of $80 million, Dr. Phil has not held a license to practice psychology since 2006. He has been the defendant in numerous lawsuits ranging from mistreatment of employees to defamation to poor business practices. 

Watch Dr. Phil read thirst tweets, and kinda/sorta learn what “top” means, below. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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