Drag Queen Cara Melle Is Being Criticized For Her Shoving Ways

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A Viral Video Reveals A Drag Queen Pushing An Older Woman Off Her Stage

If one is a fan of the Emmy-winning reality competition series, RuPaul’s Drag Race, you can probably think of some of the most ridiculous moments on the top of your head. The list could go on and on. Whether it be Shangela’s rant about not having a sugar daddy, that incredible Shut Up & Drive lip synch from Alyssa Edwards and Tatianna, or Sasha Velour revealing those god damn rose petals – chances are one of the most memorable moments came early on in the third season when Mimi Imfurst picked up India Ferrah during their lip synch which genuinely surprised everyone on set and led to her immediate elimination. As RuPaul said, “Drag is not a contact sport.” Well, we’ve seen a few viral videos where drag queens, like Miss Priscilla, don’t take those words seriously and pushed a young woman into a pool.  Some find it cute – “Don’t get in a drag queens way!” Because, apparently drag queens rule all in the world of nightclubs and assault goes right out the window so a queen can finish this version of Party in the USA. This next viral video, however, isn’t necessarily as applause-worthy or glamorous as you’d like to wish.

According to GayTimes, a London based drag queen, Cara Melle, is under fire for aggressively shoving an older woman off the stage during her latest performance. While singing Mariah Carey’s number one Billboard Holiday smash, All I Want For Christmas Is You, Melle spots an older woman (who likely had too many cocktails) enjoying herself a little too much on her stage. Melle prances over and aggressively pushes the woman off the stage. The woman falls and no one is entertained; we get a few shocked looks from the other patrons. It’s evident the wig on her head made Melle think she was actually a woman… because at the end of the day this is still considered assault of a female from a male. Not a good look. Check out the video below:

It’s pretty obvious harm wasn’t Melle’s attention at all. It’s a performance, it’s easy for your ego to take control. But that’s not what makes one a professional queen. The shove was hard – that’s in the video – and you can see clearly Melle has no immediate reaction to check on the woman. She continues to mediocrely slay her performance. A lot of other drag queens have been critical of Melle, including Drag Race alumni Phi Phi O’Hara:

But then other drag queens did come in defense:

Melle took to her Instagram to release an apology, claiming she is still in shock. Check out her response below:

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As we know, Drag Race now has a UK version… and let’s hope that Cara Melle learned her lesson about physical violence before she submits an audition tape.

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