Mariah Carey Hit Finally Gets To Number 1! Merry Christmas Lambs!

Screen shot from “Mariah Carey is Christmas”

They said it would never happen, they didn’t dream it would. We all knew it deserved it but couldn’t fathom what happened this week. Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want for Christmas Is You’ finally hit number 1 this week! CONFETTI!

After 25 years, the Queen of Christmas has finally reached the summit with her Christmas hymn, and some casual fans couldn’t believe it had not reached the top spot already.

“Wait, this has NEVER been number one? What the disservice is going on!” remarked one bewildered twitter user, but yes, Mimi’s holiday classic has never reached that position until a campaign by her lambs pushed it into first place this week.

Mariah herself tweeted out once the news had been made official “we did it” along with a multitude of Christmas themed emojis.


Mimi hasn’t been sleeping on it and letting her fans do all the work though. She has worked extra festively this season to give the song the push it needed, producing a new video, a re-release of the holiday album on which it is featured, as well as really giving twitter a go this year and becoming a meme queen. (remember the bottle cap challenge)

According to Billboard, the song has spiked in streams, and seen a massive 45 million of them, alongside 34 million radio plays and 27,000 digital sales this week!

This marks Carey’s 19th (19th!) number one single on the Hot 100, extending her record as a solo artist with the most number ones on the chart.

In a New York Times interview, Carey said of the number one milestone: “It’s something my die-hard fans think about, and people that are really close to me are talking to me about it literally all year.

“But I don’t need something else to validate the existence of this song. I used to pick it apart whenever I listened to it, but at this point, I feel like I’m finally able to enjoy it.”

She is second only to The Beatles, who have 20 number ones on the chart, so I guess we’re going to have to campaign to get ‘Shake it Off’ to number one this summer aren’t we lambs!

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