Drag Race Drama Continues! Bianca Del Rio Takes A Shot At The Diva!

The Drag Race Drama Continues…Bianca Del Rio Takes A Shot!


Last week, Instinct Magazine broke the gay corners of the internet by being the first to release Aurora Sexton’s long statement on her piss-poor experience with a RuPaul’s Drag Race Diva. If you’ve been following the story, the diva has been exposed: Valentina. Many of Sexton’s entourage began clapping back with their nightmare’s dealing with RuPaul’s Drag Race’s Miss Congeniality. With a little bit of our help, Sexton’s Facebook post was liked by thousands and she became a viral sensation for her elegant, professional opinion.

Former Drag Race contestant and one of my absolute favorites, Naysha Lopez, called a spade a spade on Sexton’s status. Check out her commentary below.


Have you seen the clip of Valentina swatting away a fan's hand AT Play Louisville?! On the exact night Sexton was talking about?! The madness!

Well now, the Queen of Mean- no, not you Lisa Lampanelli, I’m talking about the iconic and hilarious, Bianca Del Rio, shares her opinion. Del Rio performed at the same club, Play Louisville, where Valentina allegedly showed her true colors. In a clip from Del Rio’s monologue at a charity event, she tells:

“I said I would only do it for charity if it works out. So these other hoes that show up here, that are nasty, that don’t finish a meet and greet, and do a Spanish ballad in a wrinkly dress then put their hands up [inaudible]. There are bitches from three seasons ago that are richer! ….Don’t be a cunt, don’t be an asshole, don’t ask for champagne, don’t ask for red M&Ms. You’re still a man in a fucking wig, bitch,  that’s all you are!”

She ends her knee-slapping rant with putting a nail in Valentina’s coffin, comparing another Drag Race Diva, Pearl.


“If you meet a bitch from Drag Race and she’s a cunt, do me a favor: Kick her in the fucking face and take a picture. That is her future! Think about this, we haven’t heard from Pearl in a while…”

Check out the Del Rio’s full monologue below!



Are you living for this tea?! Ahh!

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