‘Drag Race España’ Crowns An Espléndido Winner, Baby

When Drag Race España was first announced in late 2020 (airing on WOW Presents Plus), fans immediately clamored to see what stunning Spanish drag stunners would be cast. Carmen Farala joined polarizing and talented drag performers like Inti, The Macarena, & Killer Queen in the competition, and while the competition did have some truly controversial moments, it was Carmen Farala who rose to the top to snag the title of Spain’s Next Drag Superstar. I sat down with Farala to discuss snagging the crown on the first season of Drag Race España, her relationship with fellow competitor Dovima Nurmi, and what she has planned next post Drag Race


Michael Cook: Condragulations, you are Spain’s First Drag Superstar! Looking back, what was the Drag Race España experience like?

Carmen Farala: Today, not only have I been crowned Spain’s First Drag Superstar, but since the very moment I returned home, I can say that it’s been without a doubt the most enriching personal and professional experience of my entire life. If they asked me to come back tomorrow, I would say YES again, a thousand and one times! 


MC: What was your path to becoming a performer and drag queen? When did you know that it would be the passion you would follow?

CF:Ever since I was little, I felt attracted to female beauty rituals—hairstyles, makeup, party dresses… I remember that I loved to see my mom get fixed up to go to a wedding, for example. I was fascinated by that ritual of my mom transforming herself into “another woman,” different from the mom I saw every day at home.

As a teen, I started to go out to places where I had my first contact with drag artists. In that moment, I was amazed by that universe of color and shine and somehow felt that I wanted to be a part of it. It was a wonderful world where you could be who you wanted to be, when you wanted to be it.


Once I came to live in Madrid at barely 18 years old, I bought my first wig and played with friends at dressing in drag on specific occasions, like Carnaval or Halloween. Almost without realizing it, I started working in the world of nightlife as a drag queen, where I’ve been for almost eight years.

MC: What do you think your favorite and least favorite parts of the experience were?

CF: Drag Race was a super intense experience. The lack of communication with the outside world made you experience everything much more intensely, which made the good moments incredible and the bad moments much more painful. I would say all of the catwalks were what I most enjoyed, episode after episode. The adrenaline rush when you’re waiting to step on the runway, that feeling is incredible and indescribable. On the other hand, one of the most difficult and bitter moments for me, without a doubt, was the departure of Dovima Nurmi. She was my dear friend during the competition, and seeing her leave was super painful for me. It’s absurd, but I had the feeling that I would never see her again. Today, we are inseparable.


MC: What was the experience like showcasing who you were as a drag queen for a worldwide audience? Is there anything that you think you did not get to showcase?

CF: I feel like, before starting this competition, the people who didn’t know me had a preconceived idea that because of my physical appearance, my character wouldn’t stand out in the competition, that I wouldn’t be able to bring more than a pretty face. However, I think I bared my soul week after week, showing myself exactly as I am, feeling and sensitive. The affection and love I receive day to day from the public, not only in our country but from all over the world, lets me know for sure that they’ve been able to really get to know me, and that makes me happy.


MC: What queens did you find yourself most drawn to? Have you created life long friendships with anyone?

CF: Each and every one of my fellow queens has stolen a piece of my heart. To live through that experience together has been like that summer camp that we all went to as kids at some point, in which unique bonds are created. We’re the first Drag Race España group. The ten of us have gone through the same thing, and no one can empathize better than they can with what you can feel at a moment of letdown, or the emotion you can feel from a simple song. This has changed us and has united all of us for life. More than friends, we are sisters, even though, as I said before, it’s no secret to anyone that the best prize I’m taking home is Dovima Nurmi’s friendship. She is an angel disguised as a devil who came into my life to stay forever.


MC: What was it like being judged by someone like Envy Peru, who actually won her own season of Drag Race?

CF: Well, to be honest, as I commented several times online, and although there are still people who don’t believe it, I’ve never followed any of the versions of RuPaul’s Drag Race. So, to be frank, I have to admit that when they told us that the special guest was Envy Perú, I had no idea who she was.

Seeing her sitting in the jury with that queen’s headdress impressed me so much that as soon as I left, I caught up with her competition and her career. Without a doubt, a fabulous special guest judge, with tons of feedback and beautiful words for me.We’ve been in touch through social media, and I have to say that apart from being beautiful, she is really kind and personable. A true queen.

MC: What is next for you as Drag Race España ends?


CF: For now, just finishing the show. Together with all of my fellow Drag Race queens, I’m immersed in the preparation of Gran Hotel de las Reinas, Drag Race España’s official drag show that will tour many cities in Spain this summer, premiering Thursday, July 29 at the Starlite Festival (Marbella). It’s the project that I’m focusing my energy on right now.

MC: When do you feel your most unique self?


CF: I always feel special and unique in drag, very empowered and sure of myself, but it’s interesting that the time when I really feel powerful is when I’m done with my drag and I put on a few drops of perfume. That’s the moment when I really say… “There we go.”

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