‘Drag Race’ Fans Are Complaining About The Alleged Editing of Season 12

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RuPaul’s Drag Race fans have caught on, or at least in their eyes they have, to the alleged editing that is happening during season 12 when it comes to disqualified contestant Sherry Pie

Sherry, who was DQ’d hours before she made her debut appearance on the March 6 episode over multiple allegations of her catfishing men, is still appearing on the Emmy-winning show as it was taped months before these claims came to light. It appears though as if RPDR has diminished her presence over the past two episodes even though she won the last challenge and placed in the top two the week before. 


A preview of the upcoming fourth episode was released on Wednesday, March 18, where once again you see and hear very little from Sherry even though she was victorious the week beforehand. The beginnings of most Drag Race episodes center around the girls chatting about what previously happened with the winner and the queen who survived the lip sync getting most of the airtime before it transitions into the next segment. 


“Ugh, the editing last week was awful,” one wrote on Facebook. “I thought the season was going to play out as expected in spite of the Sherry Pie drama? We don’t get to see a fair comparison of all the queens with the edits you’re airing.”


Another fan had a similar reaction. “I’m sorry but this editing is just silly. Just air the damn show as usual. Don’t waste your energies trying to remove a person that is an obvious reality and heavy weight in the show. I think having the disclaimer, confessionals erased and her removed from the competition is enough.”

Not everyone felt this way about the alleged editing, though. “Can people shut up?! You are ruining a fantastic season by perpetuating incessant drama and slander,” one exclaimed. “The editing is not bad. Nothing is awkward. It’s still amazing and fresh. Relax!”


What do you think Instinct Magazine readers. Should RPDR edit Sherry to the bare minimum due to what happened outside the show or should they run it as is? 


4 thoughts on “‘Drag Race’ Fans Are Complaining About The Alleged Editing of Season 12”

  1. I honestly don’t think the editing is that bad, and people need to chill out. The show is only trying to do their best to react to a major issue that could have potentially caused this season to be pulled in its entirety. So called “fans” of this show love being discontent with small details. If you really dislike it that much then don’t watch, and stop complaining; it’s that simple.

  2. I want them to air it as it happened…the edits are stupid. Sherry Pie was obviously a great contestant & was one of the best this season. I understand why the don’t want her part of the finale (she obviously makes top 4) but let us see how the show plays out and how she beat out the other girls!

  3. I think RPDR disqualifying Sherry was correct because the show is a business and a brand. The editing is obvious and kind of funny honestly. As far as viewers reactions to Sherry and the whole situation, my thoughts are this. Many of us have looked at a naked selfie online that was “leaked”. This publication routinely posts links to other websites that post said photos from time to time. We may not like what Sherry did to these men, but we are engaging in behavior that isn’t much better. We want to eat the hamburger but we don’t want to see how the meat is made. We are not the lions who make the kill, we’re just the vultures who swoop in to pick the bones clean. If we don’t like what she did we should probably be looking at our own actions. When it comes to the gay population, I’d rather hypocrisy not be in our wheel house.

    • I think what Sherry did was creepy and gross, but come on, the people she conned are not victims of sexual assault: they were gullible opportunists who were perfectly fine with potentially having a wide-spread audience seeing them do sexually suggestive things, but were “humiliated” once they found out who was really behind the emails. They were stupid to believe that any reputable talent agent would ask this of them.


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