Drag Race Legends Crown ‘American Dad’s Roger the Alien As a Drag Icon

It’s official! Roger the Alien from the sitcom ‘American Dad!’ was recently honored as a drag icon by none other than ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ legends Trixie Mattel and Trinity the Tuck themselves.

TBS and the LGBTQIA+ non-profit organization, Trevor Project, partnered for a campaign amidst the unfortunate global backlash that trans individuals and drag queens have been facing. In celebration of ‘American Dad!’s 350th episode and drag herstory, Roger the Alien was officially named as a drag icon.

(c) Instagram: @rogerthealien

Drag queens Trinity the Tuck and Trixie Mattel presented the honor to Roger the Alien by giving her flowers to “celebrate drag herstory.” Roger is a part of drag herstory because of her wide array of “stunning” outfits, wigs and aliases.

“Roger has been in drag too many times to count. The mark of a true queen, she has glammed herself in and out of trouble, all while setting trends and stealing mens.

The face? Stamped. The looks? Stunning. The body? We need to give her your surgeon’s number,” Mattel joked with Trinity.

Moreover, ‘American Dad!’s Twitter account announced:

“To mark the 350th episode of American Dad, Roger is finally being honored as a drag icon! Help us celebrate drag herstory by raising money for the @TrevorProject. For every quote-tweet this video gets using #AmericanDrag, @TBSNetwork will donate $1 to @TrevorProject (up to $20k).”


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