‘Drag Race Thailand’ Season Two Debuts This Month!

Credit: WOW Presents Plus

They’re back!

Drag Race Thailand, the first international spinoff of RuPaul’s Drag Race, is coming to WOW Presents Plus later this month for their second season.

Season one, which debuted in February of last year, became a major success on Thai television, so much so that it caused a buzz in the Asian LGBTQ community to establish a RPDR version in Taiwan and The Philippines. 

Drag Race Thailand also did in its first season what RPDR hasn’t done just yet: crown a plus-sized winner (Natalia Pliacam). Perhaps the domestic version can get on that at some point (its only been a decade). 

Credit: WOW Presents Plus

Season 2 will become available on WOW Presents Plus on Wednesday, August 21. Art Arya and Pangina Heels return as the show’s main judges. Additional episodes of Drag Race Thailand will go live every Wednesday through 11/14.

RPDR has launched other international versions as well. Drag Race UK, which includes guest judges like Andrew Garfield and Cheryl Cole, will launch in October of this year. Drag Race Canada is another version of the Emmy-winning franchise that just began casting last month. 

Credit: WOW Presents Plus

More information on the queens competing for the Drag Race Thailand crown can be found here.

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