‘Drag Race UK’ Crowns Krystal Versace As The UK’s Next Drag Superstar

She’s a winner baby; Krystal Versace has been crowned as the most recent winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK. Between her stunning aesthetic and her sartorial-geared fashion aesthetic, Versace brought a youthful perspective to an already captivating Season 3. I caught up with Krystal recently to discuss her big win, what it’s like being the youngest winner in Drag Race herstory, and why influencing the up and coming queens of her own generation is a true passion.


Michael Cook: At nineteen years old, you are the youngest winner in the history of the RuPaul’s Drag Race franchise, as you have just snagged the crown for RuPaul’s Drag Race UK; condragulations

Krystal Versace: Thank you babes. It is crazy, it is a stamp on everything that I have worked for. I am just thrilled, excited and ready to take on the world.

MC: Your age is mentioned frequently when your win is mentioned; where do you think the need to constantly bring that up comes from? 

KV: I think sometimes it is jealousy honestly. Sometimes, queens think that you have to have at least ten years under your belt to do this or that, and you don’t. If you’re born a star, you’re born a star. Ru wanted me to win, so I take the crown with compliments and excitement to rule the world and take this reign on! 


MC: Who are some of your own biggest and earliest drag inspirations? 

KV: I really looked up to a lot of the United States Drag Race girls. People like Raven, Jujubee, Plastique Tiara, Aquaria and Violet Chachki. Aquaria especially, being a young queen as well. That was my first taste of seeing that you could be young and also win. Now here I am being the youngest winner. It is a very full circle moment and so inspiring. 


MC: The comparisons between you and Aquaria are constantly talked about. Can it be intimidating constantly being compared to a legendary Drag Race winner? 

KV: Not at all; I’m not intimidated at all, I think she’s incredible. I’m not Aquaria though, I’m Krystal. I am going to take on the reign my own way and break boundaries. I already have, so who’s to say that the next ten years won’t be another ten year supply of breaking boundaries? 


MC: This season of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK had so many twists and turns and was truly groundbreaking. Apart from winning, what do you think was your favorite part of the whole Drag Race journey? 

KV: There were so many favorite parts. A lot of the off-camera work was great, just being with the girls. Being with such a lovely group of girls was so enjoyable; if they weren’t lovely, it would have been hell (laughs)! I definitely think towards the end also, we were much more relaxed and we could just chill out and forget that the cameras were there. I think a lot of it was even more genuine and us just having fun, not caring about who has to win this or that, and just enjoying the experience together. 

MC: Now that you have won the crown, your perspective is very unique. Is reaching out to your own generation something that you are passionate about? 

KV: Definitely. I am passionate about being an inspiration to people like myself. Before I started Drag Race, I would have liked to have seen someone like myself on there so I could think “oh I can do it”! It’s now my time to set the stone and be an inspiration to all of those young people who want to do drag and have it in their heart to do well with it. In general, just with a work ethic you don’t have to have ten years under your belt; if you work hard, you’re determined, and you stay in your own lane, and stay kind, professional and focused, you will do well. 


MC: For artists, the past two years has been life changing. Now that we are returning to live performances, what has the last couple years taught you? 

KV: It has taught me how to control my emotions and feelings. During lockdown being stuck with my family, pressures were high. I think everyone can relate to that, and then preparing for Drag Race was even more stressful and intense. I feel like everything else from here, I can take it with a pinch of salt, you know? 

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