‘Drag Race’s Rock M. Sakura Speaks About Her Past In Sex Work

Within the past year, the United States has shown a marked increase in unwarranted and unprovoked violence against members of the Asian-American community. While this increase in assaults against that particular community can be directly connected to the rhetoric of the previous Presidential administration (who placed blame on China for the global pandemic in the form of bigoted language, among other egregious behavior). With the recent killing of eight people at massage parlors in Georgia, many are seeing this time in our country as a crucial time to speak up against this bigotry which is proving to have deadly consequences. 


RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 12 contestant Rock M. Sakura recently took to Twitter & disclosed that she had worked as a sex worker prior to her appearance as part of the Season 12 cast. Suffice to say, this talented San Francisco performer did not arrive at this decision lightly. She said in part “I have to get something off my chest”….”Something has been weighing very heavy on me for a long time now, but I feel needs to be said for me and for many [others] right now.” “With the violent crimes that have been affecting the Asian community as of recently and the hate crimes that were committed last night against Asian sex workers, I wanted to come out and say that I was a sex worker, specifically working with massage until my debut on season 12.”

Sakura went on to speak passionately not just about her own experiences, but against the dramatic increases in crimes against Asian-Americans in the United States recently. Sakura mentioned her fear about being honest about her employment during her time on Drag Race and why now, it is so important for us all to speak out against the hate being directed towards the Asian-American community. Sakura said in part “I remember feeling shame during [Drag Race] when asked [what I did] for a living, and I had to lie and say I was a full time queen,” she continued. “The truth is, my job paid for my expenses while I lived in San Francisco] and helped me pursue and fund my drag, even on Drag Race.” …”But right now people need to see, need to hear, and need to know that we need to stop Asian hate and protect sex workers,” she went on to say. “What happened last night was exactly what it looks like: a hate crime against Asian people.


Sakura concluded in part by saying “I hope you will all respect me enough to understand that I will talk about this further if I want to. But, also know I don’t regret doing sexwork and I don’t feel shame now that I’ve come out publicly and said it….I was never threatened to be blacklisted or anything from anywhere. EVER. The stigma of sex work, made ME believe that would be a consequence.”

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