Drama Teacher Claps Back At Homophobic Mom Who Pulled Kids From His Class


When I was a teacher, I always did worry as to how parents dealt with their child having a homosexual as an educator.  In my 10 years of teaching, the only issues I had were from fellow teacher being narrow minded, and one student telling HER father that I gave her detention because she would not be my date to a kegger I was throwing for the seniors.  Oh, Heather. 

I never had to get on my tall unicorn / high horse to say that LGBTQ+ teachers will cause no harm to your children.  I never had to confront a parent or child about my life, not even in very rural Maine, where the two high schools I taught at during my career consisted of 300 students and 750 students. 

Michael Neri, a drama teacher from Kidderminster, England who runs Talking Props Theatre School for kids age 8 to 13, had to deal with a narrow-minded parent.  Let's see what you think of his response after a parent said that she was pulling her kids from her class because of his sexuality.

Here's the exchange. 

What did you think?  Do you think his response was spot on? Do you think the mother just wasn't ready to try to have the birds and the bees and the rainbows chat with her kids?  Or was she just too busy thumping the bible to understand that there are other humans in the world?

How would you have responded, if at all?

And, Michael we love your donation!



h/t:  good.is

What do you think?