Drew Valentino Talked About Acceptance, Diversity & Family

For many in the LGBTQ community, Father’s Day can bring up a myriad of emotions and feelings, both good and bad. For adult performer “it boy” Drew Valentino though, he chose this past Father’s Day to come out to his father-once again. While already an out gay man to friends and family, his entry into the adult film world was something he had not shared with his father, until this past Father’s Day. Valentino shared on Instagram that earlier this year he had “decided to come out to my family ….again. although this time about being in the adult movie industry. HUGE relief to find that my entire family supportive and even excited for me. I flew home for Father Day’s and my dad was wearing this shirt”.


The shot shows the Valentino men smiling with his father wearing a shirt saying “Proud Parent Of A Porn Star”. Valentino’s appreciation was evident, as he tweeted out “You can imagine how scary it must be to come out to ur family about doing porn. When I told my parents about OnlyFans and @FalconStudiosPR I was beyond relieved to hear how supportive they were. Flew home for Father’s Day and my dad was wearing this shirt”. Valentino also told a hilarious story about his father (an avid comic book fan) absolutely loving Valentino’s Rush-themed yellow and red t-shirt and mistaking it for an homage to Justice League member The Flash

For Valentino, growing up in a supportive home and a diverse place like the Garden State is what is helping propel him to success in this chosen field, along with some support from dear old Dad. In a discussion earlier this year, Valentino previously told me “I’m just really grateful to be born & raised in such a diverse place as New Jersey. Growing up with all types of people is what has allowed me to build chemistry with just about anyone within the porn industry” he said.

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  1. I don’t think I’ve seen a gay porn star that wasn’t sexy as hell, or at least it’s very rare. Thanks for the story.


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