Dwyane Wade on Marlon Wayans Publicly Supporting His Trans Son

Dwyane Wade recently touched on the subject of Marlon Wayans’ heartfelt message expressing support for his transgender son.

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“I think unconditional love allows us to step in and listen and learn of what we do not know and what we were not taught, especially in the Black community,” Wade told Variety


He then commended Wayans for publicly showing support for his transgender son, expressing:

“I salute Marlon for speaking out and speaking up about this experience with his child just the same way as I’ve done. We’re just the voices that are speaking for our kids right now before they get an opportunity to grab that microphone and speak for themselves. I salute him.”

Wade’s daughter Zaya came out as transgender at the age of 12, and he has been very vocal about encouraging other fathers to support their LGBTQ+ children. 

“It’s great for fathers especially to speak on them from their point of view and how they had to handle it and deal with it,” the 41-year-old former professional basketball player stated.


Meanwhile, Wayans has a 23-year-old transgender son named Kai. In his touching message about acceptance and support for his children, the actor expressed:

“I gotta respect their wishes and as a parent, I just want my kids to be free – free in spirit, free in thought, free to be themselves.”

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