Dyllón Burnside Is Breaking The ‘Silence’ On Gay Dating

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Is this the summer of Dyllón Burnside?

The Pose star may be dealing with the production delay of his Emmy-award winning tv show, but that doesn’t mean a stall in his career within Hollywood. Last month, PBS released the series Prideland, which Burnside hosted. That series focused on queer communities in the American South. From a gay minister to a Mexican-American queer legislator and the fight for gay rights in Alabama, Dyllón Burnside took tv viewers through it all.


But Dyllón Burnside isn’t only known for being an actor and documentary series host, he’s also a singer. Burnside officially established himself as a musician just recently by dropping his debut single and video titled “Silence.” In the song, Dyllón Burnside talks about dating, wanting love, dating apps, and sexual healing. He then spoke to MTV News about the real-life experiences that inspired his song.

“Where we are in dating is often a reflection of where we are personally,” Burnside said. “I found myself in this place of really using dating, or sex, or connecting with people in intimate relationships as a way to self-soothe and distract me from the things that I was dealing with personally, or things that I wasn’t dealing with… It’s like a drug. I needed a real quick hit of validation, of some kind of affirmation of my beauty, of my worthiness, or my value.”

This is just the beginning of Burnside’s musical career. In fact, “Silence” is the first single and track from an upcoming EP. Burnside describes the music on this forthcoming EP as “funky, sexy, and super cool.”


On top of that, Burnside states that the messages behind his other music are similar to the one for “Silence.” Many of them tackle real and intimate issues he’s experienced in his 31 years on this Earth. Burnside decided to openly explore these issues because “We can’t heal what we don’t talk about.”

Thank you for starting that conversation, Dyllón Burnside. We look forward to hearing more.

News: MTV News

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