Elektra Fence Jolts Into Her Future After ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race UK’

While she may have been eliminated from RuPaul’s Drag Race UK Season 3, Electra Fence has equally bright plans for the future. The incredibly dexterous queen chatted with me post-elimination about her future plans, what it’s like to be a newly minted Ru-girl, and what some of her favorite aspects of the Drag Race UK experience were. 


Michael Cook: Your name is derived from a now notorious moment where you tried to scale an electric fence, What is the closest thing you can tell me that doing that feels like?

Elektra Fence: Oh wow..you know when you lick a battery? A bit like that (laughs). It’s crazy, I dont reccomend it dont try it at home. It was a silly thing that I did, and it really hurt actually; it went through me!

MC: While you may have been the second contestant eliminated from RuPaul’s Drag Race UK Season 3, you are now part of herstory. What was the entire experience like for you?

EF: Yeah that is absolutely crazy; I cant believe it. I cant believe I got on the show and I cant believe I lasted more than one week, I am so proud of myself for that I achieved it and I am an actual Ru-girl.


MC: Why were you surprised that you lasted as long as you did?

EF: Well, obviously because I am the look queen of Season 3 (laughs). Since doing the show, I have learned so much. I have learned to change my body size and my hips, and I have learned so much about makeup. I have learned so much about my looks now and my looks have so elevated since the show. It is just totally changed; still wild, still crazy, and still fun, but my looks now have added an extra part to that now.


MC: When did you decide that dag was going to be a bit more than a hobby and become an actual tangible carer path for you?

EF: I have always been a fan of drag, I used to watch Lily Savage and I loved her as a kid. I would watch her do Blankety Blank, loved that show. I have always thought that I wanted to do that someday. Once I started doing it, I just rolled with it and here I am. I would love to have my own show like that one day, like being a host of Blankety Blank or something like that.


MC: One of the things that got the fans truly buzzing this season was your lip sync style. We have seen queens jump off of the stage in the past, bur it has been rare to see gymnastics performed like you did during you final lip sync. Have you always been the type to put one hundred and fifty percent into your lip syncs and leave it all on the stage?

EF: Oh yeah, I always put one hundred and fifty percent into my shows, my lips syncs and my performances. I have been dancing like that since I was a little kid to be honest. I have learned all of these tracks like bouncing on my knees, bounding into splits, I have done that for years, People always say things like “oh my gosh your knees!”, but I think I am on my seventeenth knee replacement now, so I think we are all good (laughs)

MC: Looking back on the whole experience, you are one of the first Drag Race casts to get to enjoy their Drag Race experience not within some sort of a pandemic lockdown. What part of the experience do you think you loved the most and what part would you redo?

EF: I would probably do the red carpet runway over, that I would change. My favorite part of the show is meeting the judges and meeting my other eleven sisters and gaining those eleven friends; I wouldn’t change it for the world. If they called me tomorrow and said they wanted me to do “this” I’m there. I


MC: Have you been inspired by any of the girls from any of the other franchises like Canada or the Down Under or the US franchises?

EF: I love Lemon from Canda, I have worked with her. I love Adore, I recently worked with her and I love them so much; what an icon. Inspriations are obviously Alyssa Edwards, Trixie Mattel, because I love how she has started from the bottom and made it to the top. I love Shangela and Laganja also, all of the dancing queens.


MC: What do you think you want to do now that you have the massive Drag Race platform and new fans all over social media?

EF: I want to do everything. I want to do all of the tv reality shows like Strictly Come Dancing, I’m A Celebrity, I want to do all of that. I want to perform in Las Vegas, that has always been a dream of ine. I want to perform in the RuPaul show in Vegas, it is so good.

MC: Now that the world is starting to open back up, what do you think you have learned as a performer and a person?

EF: I have learned that if I put my mind to something I can active anything. My partner and I put our minds to be getting on drag race and we got there. So I think I can achieve anything right now. If I put my mind to it, I will achieve it. My partner is so supportive and I love him to the moon and back; he is such a good soul.

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